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Daniel Chavez manages the front office for Arlington Heights Dental Care. He takes great pride in helping our patients with their dental needs.

Whether through the phone or upon entering the office, Daniel will assit you with his friendly smile to make your dental experience more pleasant. He will also coordinate handling your dental claims and payments for you including direct insurance billing. He always finds a way of doing this in a happy and friendly manner.

Daniel currently lives in River Grove, IL . In his free time he enjoys spending time with his family and friends. Aside from his office duties he is also a student majoring in Visual Communications and Graphic Design. Daniel is proud to have designed our office logo, stationary and the visuals for our office website. Daniel is fluent in English & Spanish.

Quality dental care provided by Dr. Mengyu Tsai and staff at our Arlington Heights office. We offer a wide array of dental procedures for adults and children, including deep gum cleaning and regular prophylaxis, teeth restorations, crown and veneers. In addition, free consultation for orthodontic serves, braces and invisalign cases. Visit Arlington Heights Dental Care today.
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